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Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info

Updated June 4th 2016

Equality Focus offers a wide variety of support workers, including, but not limited to tutors, mentors, note takers and transcription support. We offer competitive rates and a bespoke service to clients dependent upon particular needs. All support workers have appropriate qualifications for their role, they attend regular training and meetings to ensure excellent levels of communication.

As part of the administration of support workers Equality Focus invoices direct to funding bodies and provides a matching service offering a complete service to your organisation. We aim to match a support worker to your student within five working days in the majority of cases, and will maintain regular contact with you throughout the process. When funded by the Disabled Students Allowance the service provided by Equality Focus comes at no cost to the organisation.

Equality Focus is based in London but operates all over the UK working for an extensive range of Universities.

Support Roles and Charge Rates 2016 - 17

For further information please contact us at:-

Email:- info@equalityfocus.co.uk

Web:- www.equalityfocus.co.uk

Office number – 01923 517 850

Katie Wood – 07971 511 146

John Wood – 07941 758 887

Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info