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Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info

Updated July 11th 2016

Disability Advice and Support
Student Services
The Gateway

Tel:- 0116 2577595



DMU students may source support from the following support providers - NB providers are listed alphabetically:-


Supports a wide range of student needs, specialising in support for Dyslexic Adults, undergraduate and postgraduate at £55 per hour

Contact:- Frances Ryan - or 07582 144 428.

Athena Care

Service Weekday Hr Weekend Hr Bank Holiday Hr
Non specialist Services
Personal Care Support
£14.99 £14.99 £29.98
University Undergraduate
Academic Support
£17.59 inc VAT £17.99 inc VAT £35.98 inc VAT
University Post Graduate
Academic Support
£20.39 inc VAT £20.39 inc VAT £40.78 inc VAT
Specialist Level 3
Delegated Health Care
PC Services
£14.99 £14.99 £29.98
Sleep In (9 Hrs) per shift £106.50 £106.50 £213

- Personal Care minimum 4 Hour Shift excludes student academic
support ,single additional hours may be purchased in addition to the
minimum 4 hourly charges or Sleep- In charge.

- Travel expenses 0.35p per mile

- Personal care services are VAT exempt


Contact Information, Support Roles and Charge Rates - Higher Educational Specialist Support Staff 2014 - 2015

Mandy Bant - Senior Account Manager

Email:- /

Tel:- 01283 716333


BAND 1 - Activity Title Activities Price/hour - Ex VAT Price/hour - Inc VAT
Practical Support Assistant To include practical and mobility assistance around the university campus. £18.00 £21.60
Library Support Assistant To aid students search library catalogues, locate materials, collect materials, photocopying etc. £18.00 £21.60
Reader To read aloud for a student whose disability makes reading or other forms of assessing text impossible. £18.00 £21.60
Scribe To write down in an accurate format, content a student dictates. £18.00 £21.60
Workshop/Laboratory Assistant To support a student in gaining access to the practical aspects of their course requirements. £18.00 £21.60
Sighted Guide Providing day to day support as a guide for visually impaired students. £18.00 £21.60
Proof Reader To read through the students’ work and point out the types of errors made in grammar/spelling/structure, suggesting ways for rectifying these in the future. £18.00 £21.60
BAND 2 - Activity Title Activities Price/hour - Ex VAT Price/hour - Inc VAT
Study Assistant A flexible role, recommended to enable strategies complemented by some practical assistance. £20.00 £24.00
Examination Support Worker Supporting a disabled student to gain access to the examination and fulfil its requirements to cover a reader, scribe and exam prompter. £20.00 £24.00
Manual Notetaker To produce an accurate and legible handwritten record of the content of lectures, seminars, discussions, off-campus events etc. All manual notetakers will be trained by an OCN Qualified Notetaker Tutor Trainer and will have completed an undergraduate degree. £18.00 £21.60
BAND 3 - Activity Title Activities Price/hour - Ex VAT Price/hour - Inc VAT
Communication Support Worker To Translate British Sign Language into voice and vice versa, working flexibly with a student in workshops and seminars, to include the provision of one to one support. £35.00 £42.00
Electronic Notetaker To make a comprehensive (non- verbatim) live typed record of the content of lectures, seminars and discussions. All electronic notetakers will be trained by an OCN Qualified Notetaker Tutor Trainer and be able to touch type at a minimum of 60wpm. £35.00 £42.00
Specialist Transcription Service To transcribe lecture notes, seminar notes, oral dictation or audio files into an alternative format accessible to the student. £35.00 £42.00
BAND 4 - Activity Title Activities Price/hour - Ex VAT Price/hour - Inc VAT
Specialist Mentors Specialist mentors provide highly specialist, specifically tailored, one to one support to assist students in addressing the barriers to learning created by a particular impairment. £60.00 £72.00
Specialist One to One Study Skills Support This support is aimed to develop students’ skills for autonomy in the learning environment. All tutors are degree-educated with a teaching qualification and an SpLD qualification when working with students with specific learning difficulties. £60.00 £72.00
British Sign Language Interpreter Trained and experienced interpreters with a recognised qualification in BSL/English interpreting to provide support for students who are deaf and/or their preferred language is BSL. £65.00 £78.00
Language Support Tutor for Deaf Students To provide one to one specialist English enhancement to deaf students. £60.00 £72.00

Activity Titles & Charge Rates 2014 - 15

Dyslexia Action

Lisa Brockway MlfL, QTLS.
Senior Teacher - East Midlands Cluster
Dyslexia Action Leicester
Clock Chambers
6A Hotel Street

Freephone: 0300 303 8350



1:1 Specialist Dyslexia Tuition at £70 per hour - no VAT applicable

Freedomlink Study Support Ltd

Contact: Louise Westley

Tel 07941 402778 ( text only)
Tel 07982 532584 ( text or voice)

Email:- or


Support Roles and Charge Rates Charge Rates 2014-2015:-

Band Role Prices per hour exclusive of VAT Prices per hour including VAT
Band One Practical Support Assistant

Library Support Assistant
Workshop & Laboratory Assistant
Sighted Guide
Proof Reader

£18.00 £21.60
Band Two Examination Support Worker

Manual Notetaker

£18.00 £21.60
Band Three Communication Support Worker

Electronic Notetaker
Specialist Transcription Service

£35.00 £42.00
Band Four Specialist Mentor £50.00 £60.00
BSL Interpreter £35.00 £42.00
Teacher of the Deaf £65.00 £78.00
Specialist one to one study skills support £50.00 £60.00
Other Support Study Coaching

Professional /work-based coaching

£50.00 £60.00
Speech to text reporter


£ on request £ on request

For more information on any of the above, please contact Freedomlink.

Learning Support Centre and Jotters

Supporting Dyslexic and Disabled Learners

T:- 0116 254 8881

W:- /


Web:- Support Roles and Charge Rates 2015 - 16:-

Maths Learning Centre

Provides maths support at £57 per hour

National Autistic Society

Student Support for students with autism and Asperger syndrome in Central England

Enquiries for the Central Area contact:- The National Autistic Society
Student Support Service (Central)
Unit B, Edward House
Enderby Road
Leicester LE8 6EP


Tel:- 0116 258 1841

Role titles and rates for academic year 2014-2015:-

Specialist Mentor:- provide personalised one to one sessions for students with autism or Asperger syndrome, to assist with overcoming barriers to learning.

Mentors provide strategies in – Personal planning and time management; organisation; prioritising and structuring workload; managing anxiety, change and sensory needs; communication, interaction and social skills; managing sensory needs.

Mentors can also – provide enabling support and reassurance during lectures, seminars, lab sessions, group work and out of class on campus, as required; support and develop communication between HE staff and peers; raise awareness of autism as required; clarify course expectations; explain unwritten rules of university life; explain the roles and responsibilities of staff; signpost to other support services if required. All Mentors possess an in depth knowledge of autism and Asperger syndrome and have experience of the demands of studying in HE.

BAND 4 - HOURLY RATE: £59 ph / no VAT applicable

Specialist One to One Study Skills Support:-

Study Skills sessions address specific academic issues that students with autism or Asperger syndrome may have with – acquiring, recalling and retaining information; organisational skills; understanding written and spoken language; numeracy; presentation of academic work.

Study skills support provides strategies for the development of these areas, with clear goals to aid student achievement.

BAND 4 - HOURLY RATE: £59 ph / no VAT applicable

NAS - Central Region Activity Titles and Charge Rates 2014 - 15

Support Worker Charge Rates and Funding Body Info