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Remote Speech to Text is a service enabling deaf and hard of hearing people to use an electronic note-taker or palantypist over the internet.

Scrolling text is produced at the speed of speech and displayed on your computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone so you can follow what is being said, as its being said. There is no need for an interpreter to be present. Connect to the internet and you can have the communication support you need, where and when you need it.

Remote Speech to Text works by a palantypist or note-taker listening to what is being said using either Skype or a telephone. No matter how short or how remote, this is possible for nearly every meeting, event, lecture, presentation and seminar. You can save the text in a word document giving you an immediate and accurate record of everything that has been said. This makes great revision notes.

Remote Speech to Text is widely used by students and young people in Australia, America and Canada.

Communications provides Remote to Speech using highly trained palantypists and note-takers.

Palantypist Service - £65 for the first hour and £16.25 for every 15 minutes after that.

Electronic Note-Taking Service - £45 for the first hour and £11.25 for every 15 minutes after that.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Bee Communications is happy to provide free test calls and onsite demonstrations.

For more details:

Tel: 0207 582 4475.

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