Assistive Technology Training Services

It is important to learn how to use assistive technology aids. There is little point in being provided with specialist equipment or software if you aren't sure how to use it.

Your local Assessment Centre can advise you on arranging training to use your assistive technology. Many centres offer specialist training services in-house or have close links with professional trainers.

Even if you have good computer skills you'll probably find it helps to have an experienced specialist trainer on hand to work out how assistive technology aids can help achieve study or employment goals.

If you have received equipment following recommendations made by an Assessment Centre you should also have access to funding to cover training costs. You are strongly advised to use this training and to make sure your training is provided by an assistive technology specialist.

You can also seek further training later on if you have had your equipment for a while and feel you need reminding how to use it properly. You might seek advanced training to learn how to do new things that crop up on your course or in your job.

Contact your LA or Assessment Centre if you think you need to arrange more training.

Assessment Centres can provide general workshops and training for tutors, advisers or others who have an interest in the education and employment of people with disabilities and the applications of assistive technology or specialist strategies.

Contact your local Assessment Centre for information on the training they can offer.